Jill Choder-Goldman, LCSW, is an experienced psychoanalyst and psychotherapist with a full-time private practice in New York City. 

Jill Choder-Goldman, LCSW, is a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist in New York City. She specializes in individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, group therapy, anxiety issues, panic attacks, creativity, life transitions and grief.

Jill works with individuals, couples and groups to address a range of core human challenges. Many of Jill’s clients are thoughtful and accomplished individuals who feel that they could benefit from further personal inquiry and wish to address certain problems, hurdles or difficult feelings that they may be encountering in their life. 

Jill’s outlook is informed by her first career in the performing arts where she worked on both the stage and in television from the time she was a kid. 

She is a Relational Psychoanalyst, though her approach is not guided by a singular theory. Every individual that comes into the room is different, and in need of unique treatment. Mindfulness, CBT and DBT are among the tools that Jill brings to her clients. Rather than thinking of things from a pathological or diagnostic point of view, Jill sees therapy primarily as a powerful way to know, understand and evolve our selves.

In recent years, Jill has integrated group therapy into her practice.  Process Groups can be a beneficial modality for those needing to address issues in a psychodynamic context.  She is currently running groups for people in the performing and creative arts, those in the midst of career life/transitions, as well as supervision groups for mental health professionals.