Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly

"Jill has helped me get through the most significant challenges of my life, including depression, addiction, and the loss of loved ones. She is highly empathetic and caring. She is also honest about things I don't always see in myself but need to consider. Her guidance has been critical to my success in a high-level, stressful corporate job."

-Lisa, Lawyer

"I joined Jill's Creative and Performing Arts group after being in private practice with her for many years. I wasn't sure what to expect from a group therapy setting, but I soon found it to be an invaluable tool in my creative and personal life. The diversity of perspectives offered from my peers allows for a range of insight that isn't possible with individual therapy alone. It's a space of comfort and community, but where I'm also consistently challenged to push myself in new ways. Jill is a wonderful guide to our process, attentive and observant while letting us lead the way. I only wish I had found this group sooner!"

- Becca, Actor and Writer

"When I arrived for my first session with Jill, I had absolutely no idea how much personal growth lay in store for me over the course of the next few years. I am a very busy marketing executive, running the North America office for one of the world's largest mining companies. To say that I have professional stress is an understatement. When speaking with Jill, I always feel as if I am talking to a friend and a confident. She is compassionate, empathetic, sensitive, and has an amazing ability to know when to listen and when to give advice. I credit Jill with helping me find clarity and happiness I otherwise couldn’t have imagined and I will forever be grateful and thankful for her vision and kindness."

- Jo, Marketing Executive

"Working with Jill Choder-Goldman for the past four years has been an extremely productive and illuminating experience. She is very skilled at sharing her knowledge from within a broad matrix of contextual theoretical perspectives. All while making supervision fun.
I have benefited in my work with Jill most especially because she is so keenly aware of how vital and enriching supervision can be. She provides a theoretical and experiential exchange around my work that is both generous and highly attuned, to help me hone the skills required to support my patient's progress."

-Konstantine, Psychoanalyst

Two weeks ago, a day before my staff members were supposed to discuss chapters 1 & 4 from Antonino Ferro's book, I came across your interview with him from PsyA Perspectives. I distributed it among them immediately and they all said it contributed enormously to their understanding of Ferro's text. The staff meeting that followed was full of references to your conversation, so much so that it shadowed the book chapters…Keep up the good work."

-Amit Fachler, Phd
 Head of Psychotherapy Unit, the Interdisciplinary Clinic in   Haifa University, Israel

Jill was of enormous help in getting us past a "bump in the road" in our 32 year marriage.  Beyond the fact that she is an effective listener is her ability to quickly guide our conversations, both joyful and painful, to the point where we could objectively begin to explore solutions .
Most important to us was her empathy and her confidence, which in turn allowed us to be comfortable enough to "pour our hearts out".   She is a "gem"!"

RB- Retired Senior



* additional references available upon request