Jill Choder-Goldman, Psychoanalytic perspectives, Interview editor, Articles on Psychotherapy

Jill is the interview editor for Psychoanalytic Perspectives: An International Journal of Integration and Innovation. As Interview Editor, Jill has created a section entitled Global Perspectives where she has traveled so far to Israel, England and Italy where she sits down with the psychoanalyst in his or her home/office and has in-depth conversations to understand how the culture, politics and the socio-economic issues affect how they understand and practice psychoanalysis in their country.  

These are Accepted Manuscripts of articles published by Taylor & Francis Group in Psychoanalytic Perspectives from 2010 through 2019. Available at: 

An Interview with Dr. Elisabeth Roudinesco
Vol. 16, 2019 Issue 1: Pgs. 103-111

An Interview with Dr. Mark Solms
Volume 15, 2018 Issue 1: Pgs. 152-170

An Interview with Dr. Judit Mészáros
Volume 14, 2017 Issue 1: Pgs. 118-129

An Interview with Dr. Antonino Ferro
Vol.13,  Issue 1  2016  Pgs 129-143

An Interview with Adam Phillips
Vol.11  Issue 3  2014  Pgs. 334-347

An Interview with Emanuel Berman
Vol. 11  Issue 1  January 2014  Pgs. 69-79

An Interview with Isaac Tylim
Vol. 9  Issue2  2012  Pgs. 274-284

Special Issue: The Supervisory Relationship
Guest Editor: Jill Choder-Goldman
Volume 12, Issue 2, 2015

Telling the Story: An Interview with A.M. Homes
Special Creative Arts Issue,
Vol 7, Issue 2, 201


An Interview with Adam Phillips was also published in the
Behavioral Sciences, #readmyreasearch collection, which showcases articles that have received high Altmetrics scores throughout 2015.